• David McMahon

    David McMahon

    I'm not a writer, just a husband, father and dog dad w/ big ideas about small business and leadership deficiencies. P.S. A year ago I joined a gang #Yang2020

  • Jim Feldkamp

    Jim Feldkamp

    Jim Feldkamp has 30+ years of Federal Government and military experience, specializing in international security and foreign policy initiatives.

  • Sam Cover

    Sam Cover

    Sam Cover Spokane Valley, WA. Renowned chef in Spokane, WA

  • Jason Wood

    Jason Wood

    Jason Wood is the owner of the largest digital marketing firm in his market, and it didn’t happen that way by accident.

  • Paula de Vos

    Paula de Vos

    Paula De Vos shares writings about financial industry and Synergist Wealth Advisors

  • Amber Marchese

    Amber Marchese

    Amber Marchese of RHNJ, Restaurant Steak out & Marriage Bootcamp fame seeks to inspire passion, healthy choices, informed decisions and the value of family.

  • Jim Ragotzkie

    Jim Ragotzkie

    James Ragotzkie is a board-certified Pharmacist in New York. James Ragotzkie is a proud member of the American Guild of Organists

  • Dan Hurt

    Dan Hurt

    Born and raised in Fort Lauderadale, Dan Hurt is an cloud consultant by day and family man by night. In the early 2000’s Dan Hur thttp://danhurt.com/

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