James Feldkamp has been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries. Below, he shares some tips for traveling internationally.

ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2020 / If you’re traveling overseas, it’s a whole lot different compared to traveling anywhere around the United States. As James Feldkamp used to be in the Navy, he knows his fair share about traveling internationally. Below, James Feldkamp provides 5 very useful tips for traveling to different countries:

Understand the cash situation

No matter where you are in this world, you’re usually able to walk up to any ATM and deposit cash. While that may be true, for the most part, many banks in the United States charge hefty fees for talking out cash in another country. While you can pull out a lot of cash beforehand and bring it with you, James Feldkamp says it’s never very smart to carry that much cash on you at one time. That being said, try to understand your bank’s fees before you leave on your trip; some banks may even reimburse you for all ATM fees accumulated while traveling internationally! …

Wine connoisseur James Feldkamp offers a closer look at this year’s top producers courtesy of the 2020 World’s Best Vineyards list.

A lifelong lover of wine, James Feldkamp developed a passion for the industry and the fruits of its labor as a naval officer more than 30 years ago, traveling to and from some of the world’s most celebrated wine-producing nations. Turning to the famous World’s Best Vineyards list for 2020, Feldkamp reveals this year’s top five wineries.

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“South America dominates this year’s World’s Best Vineyards list,” says James Feldkamp , speaking from his home in Northern Virginia, close to the Potomac River’s southwestern bank, “responsible for three of the top five highest-rated wineries on the planet.” …

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, September 14, 2020 / EINPresswire.com/ — Author Jim Feldkamp provides a personal look at The Adventures of Tommy & Clara on Mount Catherine — his first book written for children.

Written for elementary students, The Adventures of Tommy & Clara on Mount Catherine is intended to help children to learn that its central themes of honesty and trustworthiness are woven into all aspects of life. Through the trials and tribulations of both Tommy and Clara and their adventures while on Mount Catherine, its author, Jim Feldkamp, provides a closer look at the story.

“Tommy and Clara are two children on a winter ski vacation to the resort on Mount Catherine,” reveals Jim Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Northern Virginia, close to the southwestern bank of the Potomac River. During their vacation, they’re given the opportunity to show how trustworthy they are by following their parents’ advice, he goes on to explain. …

Author and now-retired naval officer James Feldkamp takes a closer look at some of what are expected to be next year’s top travel destinations.

With overseas vacations on hold for many this year amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, those with a passion for international travel-such as author, cybersecurity expert, and now-retired naval officer James Feldkamp-are already looking forward to what could be in store in 2021 and beyond once current restrictions are lifted.

“With trips to far-flung destinations largely on hold this year as we ride out the ongoing global health crisis, many of those with a passion for international travel are eagerly looking forward to what may be in store, vacation-wise, 12 months or so from now,” says James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Arlington County, Virginia. …

iCrowd Newswire — Aug 7, 2020

James Feldkamp discusses why Virginia is one of the most unique states for wine production in the country.

ARLINGTON, VA / When wine enthusiasts mention notable wine regions in the U.S., they typically mention California or Washington State. However, Virginia is home to more than 280 wineries and two special grapes that make this wine region stand apart from the rest. Wine enthusiast James Feldkamp recently discussed why Virginia is one of the most unique wine states in the U.S.

“Virginia is one of the top wine regions in the country, but it rarely receives the recognition it should,” James Feldkamp said. “This state ranks №6, in the United States for grape production and his home to noteworthy wines that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.” …

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Arlington, VA — ( NewMediaWire ) — July 30, 2020 — With both production and sales skyrocketing recently, the natural wine market has never been more buoyant. Author and wine expert James Feldkamp, from Arlington County, Virginia, takes a closer look at the figures, and suggests why he believes that this famously once more niche corner of the drinks sector has ballooned in recent years.

“As a fan of natural wines myself for many years, it’s nice to see others beginning to appreciate many of the varieties that I love and enjoy,” says James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Arlington County, Virginia. …

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An avid sailor for years, Jim Feldkamp has explored the waters around the coasts of America and beyond, experiencing the best sailing routes the world has to offer. Here, he shares with readers five of the top sailing destinations he’s discovered in the United States.

Sailing isn’t for everyone, as experienced sailors like Jim Feldkamp tell us that it requires strength, know-how, and determination in the often-unpredictable ocean waters.

However, sailors are also quick to share their love of the sea and the one-of-a-kind experiences they’ve had while navigating sailing vessels using the wind as their guide.

Jim Feldkamp has long held a passion for sailing and has traveled to some of the world’s most exotic destinations to cruise along. …

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Having worked on international security projects for both the military and the Federal government for decades, James Feldkamp has developed a sharp understanding of traveling safely to foreign countries. To help American tourists who may be traveling abroad, Feldkamp provides three critical tips for steering clear of scams while overseas.

James Feldkamp has been a fundamental component of various high-level security projects during his 30 years of service split between the military and the Federal government. He’s specialized in international security and foreign policy initiatives, often curtailing attempts from foreign powers to breach cybersecurity efforts across the country.

He’s an experienced traveler, having spent the bulk of his professional career traveling to or studying foreign countries. This experience equips him to share a few insider pointers for Americans traveling abroad, such as avoiding common scams while overseas. His advice…

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, July 16, 2020 / EINPresswire.com/ — Sailing is often viewed as a leisure activity. However, the sailing world is diverse. Some sail competitively while some sail as a means of travel to new destinations. Others sail for fun on lakes and oceans near their homes. Avid sailor James Feldkamp recently discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the sailing world and how those changes may last longer than expected.

James Feldkamp explained that countries quickly went into lockdown when the pandemic took hold of the world. This put sailing on hold for an indefinite amount of time. …

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